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Achilles Seiden (Anti-Static)

 Anti-static type
· A soft transparent PVC film with a conductive coating film as the intermediate layer, with the front and back sides laminated with Seiden Crystal, and having excellent anti-static and flame retardant properties, as well as excellent durability.
· The film is only 0.3 mm thick. 
· By protecting the printing of the coating layer, the possible applications are expanded to wrapping on pipes that are not given any anti-static countermeasures, foot mats, etc., in addition to the conventional partitioning applications.
· Partitioning film for clean rooms.
· Desk mats and tray mats.
· Underlay film for racks


● Eliminate static electricity by special conductive processing, so do not attract dust. It has excellent flame resistance.

● Use it for assembly lines, workshop partitions, or curtain clean booth covers that require electrostatic protection.


Vinistar Super PVC films are produced with Quick Release. This results in less cohesion which makes the PVC film less sticky, runs smoothly off the roll and is easy to process. The Vinistar Super is UV resistant and even in the most challenging weather conditions guarantees optimal transparency and a lasting beautiful appearance of your tents, boat covers and related outdoor products.

The unique Quick Release formula makes the PVC film less sticky and UV resistant. This makes the Vinistar Super excellent for applications such as flexible windows in tents, boat covers, outdoor awnings, veranda curtains.

The Vinistar Extruded is made in Japan using a unique extruded production process in which the PVC is pushed through a mould. This results in a smoother surface and therefore a higher transparency than with calendared PVC film.

Vinistar Extruded also has a higher resistance to UV radiation, which makes the PVC Film last longer with less discolouration. This PVC film is suitable for high frequency and hot air welding. You can also easily stitch the film into, for example, polyester, nylon or PVC coated industrial fabric.


Vinistar Super

The Vinistar Super has a high transparency and is UV resistant. Due to Quick Release, the PVC film sticks less, making it easy to use in production.


Vinistar Extruded

The Vinistar Extruded film has the highest transparency of PVC film supplied on a roll. This result is achieved using extrusion technology

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